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    Sushi bowl with marinated mushrooms

    Greenco marinated mushroomsGreenco marinated mushroomsThe Greenco brand comes with various varieties of marinated mushrooms! I already received a package from them with three different types to make a recipe with, one of the benefits of blogging? The package really had to come from Korea so I had to be patient but after 2 weeks I had the pots at home, 2 marinated, 1 of which in olive oil and 1 pickled (inlaid). Because I love sushi and wanted to make a vegetarian sushi bowl, I recorded a video with it. Ingredients sushi bowl: 250 gr sushi rice Supplies sushi bowlGreenco marinated mushrooms1 mango1 avocado1 cucumberpot (280 gr) marinated mushrooms in…

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    Super energy within one minute with Green Juice

    Are you already familiar with “green powder juices”? Normally I choose, depending on my energy level, for a specific nutritional supplement or a combination of several. Sometimes in the form of capsules, such as the Ashwaganda, or in tablets with, for example, Spirulina, but I also sometimes have wheatgrass or powdered algae, not really tasty but for a good cause say…. I had already tried a test bag from the Green Juice, but to really feel the effect Super Foodies allowed me to test a large pot of their Green Juice , good for 1 month of health! So all other food supplements on the side and I am ready!…

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    L’Amorigen, conscious food in Ibiza!

    L’Amorigen restaurant in Cala Nova, Ibiza deserves some extra attention! Looking for fine restaurants in Ibiza, which serve real, pure and healthy food, we ended up at restaurant L’Amorigen during our last vacation. On the way to the beautiful beach of Cala Nova our eyes immediately fell on the beautiful garden with the graceful trees, which provide a natural shade. Under these trees wonderful benches with colorful cushions are inviting and waiting for you. L’Amorigen, conscious food in Ibiza!L’Amorigen restaurant in Cala Nova, IbizaThe beach is 10 meters away so after a morning of lazing in the sun we returned around noon to have something to eat. Our timing was…

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    Why Brazil nuts are good for your health

    The Brazil nut is a real superfood. You often find the nut in nut mixes, but you can also buy them separately. Brazil nuts are often underestimated, but are very healthy and bring many health benefits! Where does the Brazil nut come from?The Brazil nut grows on a tree called Bertholletia excelsa. The tree is mainly found in tropical rain forests and mainly along the banks of the Amazon. The tree needs a lot of water, because it can grow up to 50 meters high and the trunk up to 2 meters thick! It takes 10 to 25 years for fruit to reach the tree. Once that has happened, the…

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    Losing fat for a fit body

    Losing fat for a fit body Belly fat is a major source of annoyance. It seems as if fat is easier to store here than on other parts of our body. A low carbohydrate diet is the ideal way to lose fat around the abdominal area and other parts of the body. This way you can easily create a fit body. Even without exercise. What is a low carbohydrate diet?When you start eating low carbohydrates, you soon notice that this has an effect. You notice that stored fat will burn pretty quickly. You lose weight. At the same time, you can continue to eat tasty food and the number of…

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    Healthy fats and unhealthy fats

    Healthy/unhealthy fats. What is it now Eating fat or not? Some diets are aimed at less fat intake, while other diets say that it is necessary to lose weight. To get to the point quickly … the human body does not function properly if it does not ingest fats. But you have to eat healthy fats. In this article, I will take you into the world of VET. Fat is healthy Fat is an important energy source for our body. It contains vitamins A, D and E, but also important fatty acids that our body needs. Our brains, eyes, muscles and immune system in particular need fats or fatty acids.…

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    Legumes ensure lower cholesterol

    A daily dose of legumes lowers LDL cholesterol in the blood, and therefore probably the risk of cardiovascular disease. North American scientists present that Monday in the scientific journal Canadian Medical Association Journal. They did a meta-study in which 26 studies with a total of 1,037 subjects were combined. The analysis shows that a daily dose of 180 grams of legumes lowers LDL cholesterol by 5 percent. LDL cholesterol is also known as ‘bad cholesterol’, and the researchers think that this decrease also means a 5 percent lower risk of cardiovascular disease. The scientists state that there is now evidence for prescribing legumes such as lentils, peas and chickpeas. These…

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    What is metabolism and what does it do for your body?

    In many of my articles and in articles by other authors who write about fitness, nutrition and sports, the word “metabolism” is used. Apparently, it is something that is important to us. Therefore an article in which I try to explain it as simply as possible. Metabolism according to Wikipedia Metabolism or metabolism (from Greek: μεταβολισμός “metabolism” = change or conversion) is the whole of biochemical processes that take place in cells and organisms. Enzymes play a central role in the conversions. A distinction is usually made between the build-up of substances using energy (anabolism) and the breakdown of more complex substances that release energy (catabolism). Source In other words…

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