Supermoto Between mild and trough terrain

Supermoto: Between mild and trough terrain

Supermoto is actually an off-road motorcycle that has been revamped in its legs (wheels, brakes & suspension) so that it can be used for racing on onroad tracks. Because it prioritizes maneuverability making high speed is not too important so that supermoto races can be done in various places, such as; highways, parking lots, go-kart circuits to road-race circuits. Usually not all tracks used are flat, sometimes even deliberately given a barrier similar to that used in MX circuits, namely; off-road tracks (of course the solid and dry and the composition is not more than 30% of the total tracks), ram to the table-top.

Difference between MotoCross and Supermoto

Basically both have differences that can be seen. Most clearly, both have differences in terms of legs and tires. Because the tires for supermoto have a different character when used on asphalt roads. While the dirt bike is usually patterned prominent box, or commonly referred to as tofu tires. The bulge on this tire was made to produce maximum grip on heavy terrain, muddy, to rocky.

In terms of type, dirt bike consists of several types. Some familiar ones are dual sport, motard, enduro, motocross, and adventure. Some are specifically used for steep terrain, but some have a dual function, which can be driven on the highway or even in extreme terrain, making it suitable for daily use.

From the engine capacity, the trail bike provides 2 and 4 stroke engines. 2 machines did not have been abandoned, because it was considered inefficient. Dirt bike with 4 engine strokes is not more efficient and efficient, because it does not frequently change oil and spark plugs. So to more safely cornering.

Whereas supermoto, a motorbike that is commonly used for automotive sports that uses vehicles designed for extreme capabilities. In fact, this type of motorbike can be used on 3 different tracks, road races, motocross, and flat tracks. That’s why it is called Supermoto.

Not only the case of the tires, it turns out that the setting of the handlebar was also designed so that it was not as wide as the dirt bike. The performance of the brakes also can’t be used as long, because it must be set to be wider. As for the track used, it is usually held on a 50 – 75% asphalt track and the rest is a dirt track or off road.

What is Supermoto?

A motocross bike is better at jumping in the dirt, a supersport is better at cornering, and a dual-sport is better for adventuring, but supermoto can do it all.


Frame on a motorcycle serves as a place to install the engine, electrical system, seating, suspension and others. The shape of the frame greatly affects the function and comfort of the motor, as well as supermoto who use the same frame used by offroad motorcycles because it is strong but lightweight and has a minimalist shape.


Currently international regulations in supermoto competition use a single-cylinder, 4-stroke engine with a 450cc engine capacity. While regional regulations such as in Japan and Asia use one-cylinder, 4-stroke engines with 250cc engine capacity. For Indonesia itself there is no regulation that regulates because there is no professional supermoto competition. In accordance with supermoto circuits with relatively short track distances, the engine was chosen which has an over-stroke character that prioritizes acceleration, rather than just chasing topspeed. Generally supermoto engines are also the same as those used by motocross / enduro. Except the chains use a smaller size.


Same with the frame and engine, supermoto suspension also uses the default offroad motorbike. But usually it must be adjusted to be harder. This can be done by changing per spring or using a thicker type of lubricant. Then the size of the supermoto suspension, is shorter than that used by offroad motors, making it easier to maneuver on onroad tracks. In addition, because of the obstacles on the track onroad fewer and not as heavy as on the offroad track.


The wheels used are a blend of roadrace motorcycle racing wheels with offroad motors so that they can match the typical supermoto trajectory. The tires used use the same type of roadrace motor, which usually has a size of 16.5 or 17 inches. But the rim still uses the radius model as used by the offroad motor so that the load received can be distributed evenly on the entire surface of the rim. In addition, the fingers were chosen because they are more flexible so they are more able to withstand collisions.


Because supermoto is used on onroad tracks, it is possible to increase speed. This can be done by changing the ratio of the rear-chain gear to the smaller size. In addition to increasing topspeed also tames acceleration so that the motor is easily controlled. The increase in topspeed makes brake performance must be increased in order to compensate, which can be done by using a larger disk disc and a stronger cal.

From the original characters, both are fierce enough to be able to hit difficult terrain, muddy, muddy, or even used for everyday on a smooth road though. Even from its stature, this type of motorbike uses tires and tall body, and has qualified torque and power. But in terms of specifications, the difference between a dirt bike and a supermoto is quite far

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