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Syncroninize Performance Bike Yamaha MT 09

By carrying out the concept of a large motor (Synchronized Performance Bike), Yamaha will offer 3 advantages, namely powerful torque, agile handling and aggressive character. Then the new motorbike from Yamaha carries the name Yamaha MT09.

By using a large engine power with the new concept this will be the new belle as well as the latest flagship motorbike from Yamaha that will hit the automotive market in the country. Yamaha MT-09 is one of the motorcycles with a large enough engine capacity, so that the motor is able to produce super-large power to move that are sturdy with the fastest spin ever, which is found in products from Yamaha.

Meanwhile Yamaha MT-09 is also equipped with advanced technology from Yamaha that serves to maximize the performance of the machines. So in addition to a large enough engine capacity, this Yamaha MT-09 motorbike also has a sportier and more beast design.

Yamaha MT 09 Specification

  • Simple Body Desain

For the design aspect of this Yamaha MT-09 motorbike, it is made and designed with a simple body shape that will make this bike look more beast and more elegant. In addition, if we look from the front of this motor, it looks very frightening because at the front of this large motor is equipped with headlamps that are made smaller complete with bright lighting. In this headlamp sector Yamaha MT-09 is equipped with a type of LED lights that are able to produce brighter lighting compared to ordinary lamps.

Besides that, the MT-09 Yamaha tank is made to have a contest which makes this bike looks more sporty as a big motorbike. And go to the back of this motorbike, on the back of the motorbike there is a seat made tapered with a height that reaches 25 degrees complete with a typical mudguard fender. And for the fender mounted on the Yamaha MT-09 motorbike has a mini size that makes the rear of this bike seem more sporty.

Meanwhile on the MT-09 Yamaha there is also a futuristic digital speedometer, which serves to provide complete information to the driver. And this digital speedometer will display information about speed indicators, trip meters, headlights, turn signal lights and other indicators that indicate the state of the engine. With the complete features available on this MT-09 Yamaha, it’s reasonable if the price of the MT-09 Yamaha has a price that is quite expensive in the class of big motorbikes.

  • Great Tough Engine

Besides having a body design that is handsome and cool, it turns out that in the engine sector, the Yamaha MT-09 motor runway has a tough and reliable engine performance. This is evidenced by the use of a large capacity engine that is 847 cc, with 3 cylinders, 4 stroke, 4 valves, DOHC with a cooling system in the form of Liquid Cooled. In addition to having the piston and stroke diameter, each measuring 78 mm x 59.1 mm with an engine compression ratio of 11.5: 1, making this Yamaha MT-09 motor able to accelerate quickly with the maximum speed that can be achieved is up to the range of 225 km / hour.

With such a capacity and engine compression comparison, this MT-09 Yamaha is capable of releasing a maximum power of up to 84.6 Kw with rotation on the engine reaching 10,000 rpm. As for the maximum torque that can be produced is 87.5 Nm with engine speed reaching 8,500 rpm. Meanwhile, with engine specifications like that Yamaha MT-09 was allegedly able to accelerate at high speed. This is evidenced in a trial conducted by the Yamaha, namely to cover a distance from 0 to 100 meters only takes about 3.4 seconds.

In addition, this MT-09 Yamaha is also equipped with advanced Fuel Injection technology as a supplier of fuel. And on this MT-09 Yamaha there is also Yamaha Chip Controlled Throttle (YCCT) technology that is carried from its super sport, YZF-R. With the application of these two technologies, this MT-09 Yamaha has become more efficient in consuming fuel. Meanwhile, with the existence of these two advanced technologies, it is reasonable if the price of the MT-09 Yamaha is priced relatively expensive. And the price range is very comparable to what is offered by Yamaha MT-09 to its customers.

  • Frame, Dimension and Suspension Systems

As a naked motorcycle from Yamaha, the MT-09 Yamaha motorbike is also equipped with a strong frame system with world standard. This is clearly seen by the type of frame it uses, using the type of Diamond frame, this frame is able to sustain all components contained in the Yamaha MT-09. On this strong frame there are dimensions measuring 2,075 mm x 815 mm x 1,135 mm with a distance between the axles reaching 1,440 mm. In addition, this MT-09 Yamaha also has an empty weight of up to 188 kg and for ABS 191 kg accompanied by a fuel tank that can accommodate about 14 liters of fuel.

And for the convenience of the Yamaha MT-09 this system complements it with a suspension system that is very inhabiting its class. If we look at the front sector of the Yamaha MT-09 motar this will see a pair of Telescopic type front suspension, neatly installed at the front of this motorbike. Meanwhile on the back of this motorbike, Yamaha rely on suspension with Swing Arm type which will provide a high level of comfort in the rear sector of this motorbike. And both suspensions are able to work well that is able to reduce vibrations that occur in this motorbike, even though it is passing through a bumpy road.

  • Brake System

By carrying a large enough engine capacity, Yamaha MT-09 motor is capable of racing at high speeds. And to stop the anxiety of this MT-09 Yamaha Yamaha complete it with a high level braking system. By installing a Hydroulic Dual Disc brake with a diameter of 298 mm on the front of this motorbike and a Hydroulic Single Disc with a diameter of 245 mm at the rear, the Yamaha MT-09 motor is capable of braking perfectly. And both types of brakes will also work well if used the right way.

Meanwhile, the two disc brakes are mounted on both wheels, each of which has a size of 120/70 Z R17M / C for the front wheels and for the back of this motor has a size of 180/55 Z R17M / C with the type of tire used is a type of tire Tubeless. This tubeless tire is a type of tire that is durable and does not leak easily, and when compared with ordinary tires the quality of this type of tubeless tire is guaranteed quality.

  • Fitur and Technology

Carrying a inline three-cylinder engine, this engine adheres to the crossplane engine concept such as the Yamaha YZF-R1 superbike. But because of the three-cylinder engine, Yamaha calls it the CP3, as printed on the right engine cover.

Yamaha also provides three driving modes regulated by Yamaha Chip Controlled Throttle (YCC-T). The three modes are A, B and STD. Adjust it simply by pressing the button on the right handlebar under the starter switch.

The digital instrument panel was classified as complete information, ranging from the speedometer, tachometer, engine temperature, trip meters A and B, odometer, actual and average fuel consumption, gear position including the driving mode earlier.

It turns out that aluminum is not only used as a chassis, but also on the swing arm with an asymmetrical curved shape. Yup, the shapes between the left and right sides are different. This is to pursue an overall weight of less than 200 kilograms.

Specification Data


  • Engine Type: 3 cylinder, Liquid Cooled, 4-stroke, DOHC, 4 Valves
  • Engine capacity: 850 cc
  • Diameter x Step: 78.0 mm x 59.1 mm
  • Compression Compression: 11.5: 1
  • Maximum Power: 84.6 kW / 10,000 rpm
  • Torque: 87.5 Nm / 8,500 rpm
  • Strarter System: Electric starter
  • Lubrication System: Wet
  • Engine Oil Capacity: 3.4 liters
  • Combustion System: Fuel Injection
  • Clutch Type: Wet Manual Clutch, Multiplat
  • Starter Type: Electric


  • PxLxT: 2,075 mm X 815 mm X 1,135 mm
  • Empty Weight: 188 kg / ABS: 191 kg
  • Wheelbase Spacing: 1,440 mm
  • Lowest distance to land: 135 mm
  • Seating Height: 815 mm
  • Fuel tank capacity: 14 L


  • Frame Type: Diamond
  • Front Suspension: Telescopic
  • Rear Suspension: Swing Arm
  • Front Tires: 120 / 70Z R17M / C (58W)
  • Rear Tires: 180/55 ZR R17M / C (73w)
  • Front Brakes: Hydraulic Dual Disc, 298 mm
  • Rear Brakes: Hydraulic Single Disc, 245 mm


  • Ignition System: TCI

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