Why are there rarely motorcycle users in South Korea

Why are there rarely motorcycle users in South Korea?

For those of you who often watch Korean Drama, you will never realize why in almost all scene in who take a background shooting on the highway and realize that rarely see any motorbikes passing by. Similarly, if you have ever visited South Korean directly, of course you will rarely be able to find motorcyclists passing by. How come there are rarely people who want to use motorbikes?

Therefore, to answer your curiosity:

  1. There is a “bad image” for the motorcycle rider

For the people of South Korea, motorcycle users are still attached to a less good image, because of their culture that still cannot accept motorcycles as a whole. Of course there are underlying factors, none other than for security and safety reasons. Therefore, using a four-wheeled vehicle is prioritized because it is considered more minimal risk than a motorcycle.

But, that does not mean there are no motorcycle users in South Korea. There are still people who use it, but only certain people use it. Usually more intended for food delivery couriers and freight forwarding services.

  1. The streets in South Korea are indeed designed for four-wheeled transportation such as cars, taxi and bus

Currently the sidewalks in South Korea have become wider and more organized, because the major roads there are indeed designed to be intended for four-wheeled transportation. Therefore, automatically there will be many four-wheeled vehicles that go with an uncertain speed. This factor will certainly be very dangerous for motorcyclists, because if an accident has occurred, the impact will be directly on the motorcyclist. Therefore South Koreans consider motorbikes more dangerous for safety. For the information to know that the level of accidents in South Korea is fairly severe.

  1. The temperature factor in South Korea is so labil for the change of seasons

As we know that currently in South Korea in the summer it reaches 39 degrees Celsius, even more hot than tropical country in South East Asia. Therefore, they certainly would feel uncomfortable if riding on a motorcycle in very hot weather like that.

Similarly, when winter arrives, might make someone become shivering and freezing. Not to mention that when winter comes, the road will automatically be covered with snowflakes and make the road slippery so that it will be very dangerous for bike users.

  1. Affordable car prices

South Korea is one of the countries that love domestic products. Cars do not import or produce their own. So the price of a car there is relatively cheaper and more affordable.

Also supported by South Korean salary standards are higher, so they need to prioritize buying cars as the main transportation compared to motorbikes.

  1. There is no parking space

Most Koreans live in an apartment that only provides a car park, if you buy a motorbike then they have to park the motor in front of the apartment. It could be dangerous and make the owner afraid they will lose the bike and also the temperature will affect the bike though.

Motorbikes are only for hobbies. Not for daily activities. Even though for daily activities it is usually a delivery service. Koreans prefer to show off. If you have a lot of money, then Koreans people want to show off more by buying a car.

Those were the several reasons why it’s rarely seen of motorcycle users crossing the big roads in South Korea.

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