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Ohlins Racing Advance Suspension Technology, is a Swedish company that makes suspension systems for the automotive, motorcycle and motorsport industries. “Who doesn’t know Ohlins? A very well-known and best-quality suspension product in the world, if you don’t know beforehand the name ohlin means you’re not a true automotive lover.”

About 97% of all Ohlins production is exported worldwide and Ohlins has distribution in more than 50 countries worldwide. The company also produces other types of motorcycle components, including steering dampers and two-wheel drive systems. Kenth Ohlin founded the company in 1976. In 1986, Yamaha Motor Company came to buy part of Öhlins Racing AB. Ohlins continues to operate as an independent company in the Yamaha group co. In 2007, Kenth Ohlin again bought a 95% share of the company.

Kenth Ohlins is a motocrosser who is quite reliable, but his mediocre achievements are proven by Ohlins’ inability to penetrate the prestigious automotive sport of scratching mud. But the sluggish achievements on motocross did not apply when he started helping others.

When he started his own company, he started his business from a retailer for motorbikes and mopeds until his business grew very quickly. Even too fast, so the company became too diverse and Kenth was forced to choose the direction in the early 1980s.

After talking with his personal accountant, Kenth Ohlins finally decided to choose only one activity, which is to focus on shock absorbers, because at that time according to Kenth’s analysis, the need for this product would be large and competition was not too much.

The Öhlins shock absorbers were first used on motorbikes at the world championship in 1978. The rider at that time was Gennady Moiseev from Russia, when he was riding KTM in the 250cc motocross class. What impressed Kenth Ohlins was when he won his first world championship in 1979 and won the Carlqvist Hakan prize.

Then to develop its business, Kenth Ohlin made a decision that is still valid today. Namely for drivers who want to help are required to pay for parts and services. Sponsoring events with free parts has never happened to this company. At this point Ohlins is different from other competitors.

We know that Ohlins Suspension being a “King” of Suspension at prestigious event like World Superbike, MotoGP and other race event. Especially at MotoGP arena, after WP Suspension out from KTM, paved the way for Ohlins to first master MotoGP in the 2017 season. Ohlins Shock Breaker is famous for its price which is quite expensive compared to its competitors of course with comparable features. Having good credibility in the motorsport event, the name Ohlins is now often falsified by aftermarket parts sellers. Then, how do you compare the original product with the fake one?

Suspension mounted on each vehicle functions to reduce shock and vibration caused by uneven contoured road surfaces so as to improve driving comfort and provide good control.

Therefore, the suspension function installed in the car has a very important role to provide comfort and present the best performance of a car. Touching on that, Having a myriad of names and achievements at the motorsport event, Ohlins is considered to have good quality to perfect racing cars or cars used daily. With its distinctive yellow color, Ohlins is now being hunted by motorsport lovers who want to improve the quality of their cars or motorbikes. This is how to recognize original Ohlins Shock Breaker:

Laser Cut logo

The original Ohlins products always have Ohlins writing stamp made with laser cut. Usually located in the shock absorber.

Part Number

Each Ohlins product is always labeled with a part number that can be authenticated on the official Ohlins website. Usually the label is on the tube.

Badge Number

Besides being equipped with part numbers, the original Ohlins suspension also has a badge number that is also stamped with a laser cut and is usually located on the cylinder head.

Yellow Color

Physically, the original Ohlins has a characteristic yellow color while the fake one is actually gold.

Official guarantee

An official guarantee for 3 years for each Ohlins product marketed. Consumers can find warranty cards in every original Ohlins box for buying in every official distributor

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