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    L’Amorigen, conscious food in Ibiza!

    L’Amorigen restaurant in Cala Nova, Ibiza deserves some extra attention! Looking for fine restaurants in Ibiza, which serve real, pure and healthy food, we ended up at restaurant L’Amorigen during our last vacation. On the way to the beautiful beach of Cala Nova our eyes immediately fell on the beautiful garden with the graceful trees, which provide a natural shade. Under these trees wonderful benches with colorful cushions are inviting and waiting for you. L’Amorigen, conscious food in Ibiza!L’Amorigen restaurant in Cala Nova, IbizaThe beach is 10 meters away so after a morning of lazing in the sun we returned around noon to have something to eat. Our timing was…

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    Why Brazil nuts are good for your health

    The Brazil nut is a real superfood. You often find the nut in nut mixes, but you can also buy them separately. Brazil nuts are often underestimated, but are very healthy and bring many health benefits! Where does the Brazil nut come from?The Brazil nut grows on a tree called Bertholletia excelsa. The tree is mainly found in tropical rain forests and mainly along the banks of the Amazon. The tree needs a lot of water, because it can grow up to 50 meters high and the trunk up to 2 meters thick! It takes 10 to 25 years for fruit to reach the tree. Once that has happened, the…

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